Urban Kingston is a very natural looking product providing great durability with a soft feel using state of the art Polyethylene multi filament yarn. The UV protected turf will outlast harsh weather conditions and allow for a hassle free lawn which does not require mowing.


Quality: Tufted cut pile Landscape/Commercial Turf
Pile Content: 100% Homo-Polymer, Polyethylene and polypropylene U.V. Protected

Yarn Type 1: Multi ended, 11,333 Decitex Monofilament, Polyethylene Dual Green/Green/Tan Txt PP

Primary Backing: 100% Woven Polypropylene, U.V. Protected, 141 gms

Secondary Backing: Maximum Water Resistant and Ultra Bonding Strength Latex

Pile Height: 35mm

Pile Length: 77 mm

Stitch Rate Per Metre: 160

No. Stitches/SQM: 16,800

No. Pile Per SQM: 33,600

Width: 3.71m

Colour: Multi Green/Tan

Infill Material: Washed and dried silica sand